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Additional Programs Available at Avantara Park Ridge

Avantara Park Ridge provides a wide range of specialty therapy programs to help our guests recover from recent surgery, injury or illness. Our sophisticated clinical facility is equipped with a full range of the latest ancillary and diagnostic equipment, much of which is usually found only in a hospital setting. Offering this level of specialized care allows our guests to have a more restful stay without the inconvenience of traveling between physician offices or hospitals for tests. Among the many specialized programs we offer are:

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

We help you get up and about quickly following fractures, hip, knee and other replacement surgeries, and spine or back surgeries.

Physical Therapy

Lower body strengthening, transfer and balance training, gait training, and range of motion exercises address the goal of improving balance, coordination and lower body strength.

Occupational Therapy

Range of motion exercise and upper body strengthening and coordination focus on enabling and maximizing activities of daily living – such as bathing, grooming and dressing.

Speech/Language Therapy

We evaluate and treat impairments in communication, cognition and/or swallowing with the focus of restoring the patient’s abilities.