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Ekso GT: the future of recovery

The Ekso GT is the first FDA-cleared exoskeleton to help rehabilitate patients with stroke and brain injuries. Custom software allows clinicians to amplify patients’ natural ability to walk and improve their quality of gait. Ekso helps patients improve:


Clinical evidence suggests that gait training in Ekso GT improves functional balance outside of the device in people with motor incomplete SCI.


Clinical evidence suggests that including Ekso GT gait training improves walking distance outside of the device for people with stroke and motor incomplete SCI at discharge compared to admission.


Clinical evidence shows that including Ekso GT gait training during rehabilitation improves patient gait speed outside of the device at discharge compared to admission.


"I would highly recommend the Ekso GT to anyone who has had a stroke. I feel like without it, my mom wouldn't be as far along in her recovery as she is today." - Steve B.


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